Saturday, March 16, 2019

Scaring kids out of their wits, is not how we should face the threat of climate change

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I clearly remember the horrific fear I felt as a kid about nuclear bombs being launched and exploding. Today I ask myself, what if then there had been a social media covering that threat as it now covers the threat of climate change? Would I have gone nuts?

Could those who profit politically or financially from the fight against global warming or climate change be scaring our young so much so as to set them up for taking tragic personal decisions? Should there not be a limit on social media bombardments?

I pray we never see a young person self-immolating as an act of protest against climate change 😨

PS. When children are exploited having to labor in the garment industry, then there are great protests, rightly so. But why do we not see the same reactions when in the fight against climate change, some profiteers are clearly exploiting children?

PS. How many of our young will grow up feeling they must sacrifice their unborn children in order to placate the demons of climate change?

PS: Asking #AI - ChatGPT
Fighting climate change dangers requires: 
a) Spending fighting it, trying to hinder it 
b) Spending adapting to it, to avoid its worst consequences 
c) Saving, in order to be able to mitigate its worst effects