Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The #VW #Volkswagen emission control conundrum

Note: Not one single of the comments that follows is intended to diminish in any way or form the responsibility of Volkswagen for an incredibly unethical and criminal behavior. And of course Martin Winterkorn the CEO, as well as many other of Volkswagen must resign, even if not indicted by any malfeasance. Otherwise the not knowing what others were doing, could become a CEO’s and others prime responsibility... BUT:

How on earth did not emission controllers discover it all earlier?... after 11 million cars?... is there no real road driving control on each year models?... or did they have a software for that to.

We might have to be thankful for these treacherous/criminal (though quite ingenious) programmers since now the whole system of controlling emission might be revised in time. 

Of course those responsible in Volkswagen should be fired and probably put in jail... but And what about those 11 million cars’ emission controllers fooled... should they not resign and at least be publicly shamed too? 

But, what if those emission criteria are wrong and give us unnecessarily expensive cars? Should we then not appreciate what VW is doing?

Frankly, with emission controllers like these, global warming seems so much real and so much closer... and we're toast. 

Where can I find an emission control App, so that I do not have to pay emission control inspectors for a shoddy job?

PS. Perhaps Paris should have a little tête-à-tête with Volkswagen about what to do about embarrassing pollution ratings J

PS. I have to confess... I dislike all types of climate change profiteers. Why not a high carbon tax with its revenues shared out to all instead?

PS. If any little shady car manufacturer had come up with this in order to trick his local emission controllers, few would have taken much notice… but, for Volkswagen to do this in Europe, gosh that is indeed a potent signal! Thanks VW J

PS. Anyone who imposes regulations that can be gamed is the wrongdoer's best friend.

PS. Volkswagen turned EU's binding emission targets' control, which could be gamed, into a competitive advantage J You developers of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals' the SDGs' controlling instruments... consider yourself having been clearly warned.

Feeling embarrased and sad... for the bug J